Optimisations to WordPress
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Optimisations to WordPress

If you’ve ever run a Google Page Speed test you’ll likely be familiar with the “Serve images in next-gen formats” message. This message is when you’re serving your images as PNG or JPG’s and Google is recommending you rather use the newer, smaller WEBP image format.

There are one of two ways you can achieve this optimisation to wordpress sites you own.

  1. Find an online converter and manually convert all your images.
  2. Let WPTachyon.com do it for you!

Because we use WebCP’s Web Hosting Control Panel we’re able to take advantage of inserting our own programming logic into the flow of account creation. Our logic checks if you are using the plugin WEBP-Express and if you are it automatically converts your JPG and PNG images into WEBP images.

Often time these converter plugins are a double-edged sword. On the one hand its great to have a smaller image format, but on the other hand, the processing time to convert the image is a huge bottleneck.

WEBP-EXPRESS only creates the image once and it’s then stored alongside your original image. Because we’ve scripted right into the WebCP account creation our Nginx rules will serve this WEBP format rather than the JPG or PNG if it exists. If it does not exists the request is sent to WEBP-EXPRESS’s converter. This means that for each image the performance hit takes place only once, and thereafter it’s pure gain.

So, if you’re wanting to get rid of the “Serve images in next-gen formats” message and need those, and other optimisations to WordPress then give WPTachyon Optimised WordPress Hosting a try.



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