Max Share per Server
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Max Share per Server

In web hosting, over-selling is the practice of selling more resources than the server actually has. This makes “unlimited disk space” offers seem plausible but in fact leads to poorer service

Have you been enticed by web hosting offers with unlimited disk space? The premise is that you can host your site and use as much disk space as you want. But read the fine print. Unlimited disk space does not exist on a server.

This practice, called over-selling, is the practice of a web hosting company selling more resources than it actually has to increase client numbers without increasing costs. They bet on the fact that most clients won’t use much space at all, so the offer is meant to entice, but not to deliver.

Part of the problem with over-selling is that web hosting companies will sell hundreds or even thousands of web hosting packages per server. This means that your website is one of thousands of sites, all competing for resources on that server. is very different in this regards. We view over-selling as a con and not fit for professional WordPress websites which require optimal performance. In fact, we buck the trend and do the opposite.

We have a Max Share count per account type. For instance, on our WordPress Starter Web Hosting package we have a max share count of 25. That means that the server hosting your WordPress website will have at most 25 websites on it.

This leaves a large amount of resources per website. On our Professional plans for instance only have 10 websites per server. These servers typically run 64Gb of RAM with SSD-nvme drives.

With only 10 WordPress sites per server on the professional plan its easy to see how your site would perform amazingly well compared to other web hosts who have thousands of sites on the server with yours.



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