WP Tachyon WordPress Web Hosting has an affiliate program to enable you to make money from your referrals.

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We offer 15% recurring affiliate revenue on all our hosting packages. This means you’ll earn 15% as per the table below every single month your referral is a client.

If you prefer one-time affiliate commissions please contact support for information.

Web Hosting Affiliate Packages

PackageCostAff %Aff Amount
ZA StarterR220.00 [$13.58]15 %R33.00 [$2.04]
ZA BusinessR340.00 [$20.99]15 %R51.00 [$3.15]
ZA ProfessionalR490.00 [$30.25]15 %R73.50 [$4.54]
EU StarterR99.00 [$6.11]15 %R14.85 [$0.92]
EU BusinessR200.00 [$12.35]15 %R30.00 [$1.85]
EU ProfessionalR300.00 [$18.52]15 %R45.00 [$2.78]


We also offer one-time affiliate commissions on domain names. See the affiliate commisson table below.

Domain Name Affiliate Packages

DomainCost Aff %Aff Amount
.co.zaR89.00 [$5.49]30 %R26.70 [$1.65]
.comR210.00 [$12.96]30 %R63.00 [$3.89]
.netR270.00 [$16.67]30 %R81.00 [$5.00]
.orgR250.00 [$15.43]30 %R75.00 [$4.63]
.ioR555.00 [$34.26]30 %R166.50 [$10.28]
.pwR340.00 [$20.99]30 %R102.00 [$6.30]

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